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2013-07-18 12:36 pm
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But now I really do want RL dragon eggs.

me: i wish
me: if i had real dragon eggs i'd raise them then ride them to the wbc church and burn it down
me: while playing judy garland hits

claire: wow that visual was so satisfying it almost gave me an erection
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2013-06-20 01:02 pm
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then in 1706 Benjamin Franklin gets born
maybe I will tell you more about him later
but right now all you need to understand
is that if America has a Zeus
it’s probably Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin is the kind of dude who is instantly good at everything he does
and therefore develops a style of living
in which he struts dick-first into the thick of every problem he encounters
and fucks his way out the other side, grinning

larxene: Lisa Loring as Wednesday Addams, with a spider on her nose and two hearts that read "be my valentine" (be my valentine)
2013-05-01 09:59 am
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sammy ☆: did you ever see the bbc documentary about "mechaphiles"?
sammy ☆: it's pretty great
sammy ☆: when they have a meetup of three of them
sammy ☆: and the hippie car polygamous mechaphile since the 60's
sammy ☆: ~has sex~ with another guy's "monogamous" car without permission